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Children are susceptible to the common cold, especially when they’re exposed to other kids in daycare and school. At Katy Pediatric Associates in Katy, Texas, Hebah Aboul-Fotouh, MD, Asmaa Fotouh, MD, and Tabassum Imam, MD, understand how common colds can interfere with your child’s comfort. They offer comprehensive care to ensure symptoms aren’t related to a more serious condition and customize a treatment plan to help your child feel better quickly. Schedule a common cold sick visit at Katy Pediatric Associates today by phone or by requesting an appointment online.

Common Cold Q&A

What causes the common cold?

A viral infection is the most common cause of a cold. The virus can enter the body through your nose or mouth and settles in your upper respiratory tract.

Your child can develop and also spread the virus through physical contact with other people or by sneezing or coughing around them. Colds are common in kids, especially because they aren’t as good at washing their hands after blowing their nose and practicing other hygiene routines that help prevent the spread of the cold virus.

What are the symptoms of a common cold?

Within one to two days after coming into contact with a cold virus, your child can develop symptoms that vary from person to person. These symptoms include:

  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Stuffy nose
  • Mild headache
  • Low-grade fever

Depending on your child’s age, they may complain about not feeling well or being tired. Babies and young children may be fussy, more prone to crying, and not eat as they normally do.

While the common cold virus isn’t usually harmful to your child’s health, their symptoms can become severe enough to require medical attention. If your child is having trouble breathing, isn’t able to eat, or if their symptoms are getting worse even with home care, schedule a sick visit at Katy Pediatric Associates as soon as possible.

How is a common cold treated?

Because the common cold is the result of a viral infection, antibiotics aren’t necessary. Your Katy Pediatric Associates provider evaluates your child’s overall health to ensure symptoms aren’t related to other medical issues or allergies.

Based on the severity of their symptoms, your pediatrician can recommend home care that improves your child’s symptoms. Treating the common cold usually involves supportive care, which primarily includes hydration and rest.

In children over the age of six, over-the-counter (OTC) medications like nasal decongestants may be recommended. Your provider may also recommend prescription-strength medications in some cases.

It’s also important that children, especially young ones, drink lots of fluids to prevent dehydration and avoid contact with others to prevent the spread of the virus.

If your child has existing health issues, like asthma, that are complicated by a common cold, your pediatrician provides care to prevent additional health complications.

If your child has a common cold that’s making them feel unwell, schedule a sick visit at Katy Pediatric Associates today by requesting an appointment online or by calling the office.